Committed to more than just the game.

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We are FTC Team 6299 QuadX. We’re located in Austin, Texas and are a member of the Vandegrift ViperBots organization. We are passionate about building, programming, and marketing the awesome robots we come up with every year.


QuadX is a team that competes in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). FTC is a branch of FIRST ("For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology"), which consists of 3 other subsections, the the FIRST Lego League (FLL) and Jr. FLL for elementary and middle schoolers, respectively, and the last subsection being FRC, the FIRST Robotics Competition. One of the key values of FIRST is that of "Gracious Professionalism," a term coined by Woodie Flowers. In short, we make it a priority not only to be successful, but to help other teams to succeed as well.