The STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas

The STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas is a high school-based program that brings together like-minded students throughout Texas to advocate for increased government funding and support for STEM-aligned educational activities.

What does a SACOT member do?
  1. Educate state, local, and school governments about the importance of STEM
  2. Give a voice to underserved communities
  3. Advocate for legislation to spread STEM
  4. Organize and represent the opinions of high school students about STEM
Why should I get involved?
  1. Have a say in your STEM education
  2. Help future generations
  3. Improve your public speaking skills
  4. Learn to be politically active
  5. Great outreach for robotics competitions

Interested in something similar in your own state?

We’re really excited about getting SACOT up and running in our own state, but we want to promote STEM advocacy on a national level.

Find out how your state is doing in terms of funding for public schools, STEM jobs available, and current proficiency in STEM topics. Data courtesy of National Center for Education Statistics, visualization made by QuadX.

Your STEM Advocacy Guide

Some resources to get you started on advocating for your STEM education in your own state: