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Welcome to the Squad


Hello world! Welcome to QuadX’s fully revamped blog, complete with season updates and bad puns. We used to update our blog religiously, but decided that nobody really cares about what movie we watched after our most recent build day. Trust us, we don’t need any more reminders about how limited our social life is. That’s what Twitter is for.

So why even restart this blog?

Great question! What’s the point of a blog, if not to recount our every move to the Internet? Well, instead of doing that (at least not all the time), we’re taking a more utilitarian approach. We have a whole slew of resources available on our resources page, but they’re no use to anybody just sitting there. We want to make sure everyone knows about them, and ensure they’re making a meaningful impact. Additionally, there’s only so much you can cram into one cute cheat sheet, so we’re going to use this blog as a platform for more in-depth conversations about how we run the team. If we concentrate hard enough on keeping this blog up and running, maybe we’ll forget that we have no lives. (Well aside from robotics that is)

How long until this dies out?

With any luck, it won’t. In the days leading up to South Super Regionals, we’re going to be posting different overviews of the resources we currently host on our website, as well as introducing new ones we’re currently working on. We’ll walk through our scouting data to see what stories it can tell, explain the programs we use for our animations, and so on. We’ll revert to season updates when we can’t think of anything else to discuss, but we’re not worried about that happening anytime soon. (We love to hear ourselves talk, and hey, if it’s for a good cause...)

When will this start?

We’ll publish our first resource walkthrough later this week, starting with an overview of what we already host on our website. Instead of partying like normal people during Spring Break, we’ll be in the Robot Room doing driver practice and publishing more posts every couple of days.

We sincerely hope y’all get something out of the product of our nerdiness. If there’s anything you’d like to see on this blog, or something already here you have any questions about, please feel free to contact us!

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