Resource Walkthrough


Welcome to our first resource walkthrough! Before we present our new resources, we’re going to start with the highlights of everything we’ve got so far. You can find them on our resources page, which will be further updated as we create new resources. Each highlight will go as follows: 1) A brief overview of who made it for what purpose 2) How they can help your team. We’ll try to keep it brief so we aren’t wasting any of your time.

1. Rookie Hardware Manual

Ethan, a member of our hardware team, originally made this guide ViperBots rookies to reference during our summer training camps. It consists of an overview of the most common parts and construction best practices.

Why you should care:

Any hardware member can tell you horror stories of their first year working on the robot (for example, using axles hubs in place of bronze bushings). This guide is our attempt to help decrease the learning curve.

Please don't be like Chandler, our base driver, during his freshman year.

2. Github Cheat Sheet

We created this guide way back in Cascade Effect, before the transition to using Android Studio and the ftc_app libraries. It’s a walkthrough of using GitHub, from initial creation to managing merge conflicts, as well as a brief intro to using Git shell for more advanced tasks.

Why you should care:

GitHub is becoming more popular among FTC teams. It can be a lifesaver if you know how to use it right. For the most part it’s fairly self-explanatory, but this guide provides an overview of preventing some of the major issues that can arise.

One added benfit of using GitHub is the Octocat, their awesome mascot.
3. How to EN: A guide

We started using an online Engineering Notebook last year with the goal of getting everyone involved in writing it. To make sure everyone knew how to write a good entry, we made this presentation.

Why you should care:

Whether you’re using a physical or digital EN, this presentation has a bunch of info on making an EN entry that effectively portrays your team’s progress.

No clue what's going on with this guy, but he sure has a nice EN.
4. Veteran Team Judging Presentation

At Kickoff this year, Chris Rake, our region’s amazing head judging adviser, gave a presentation on the judging process.

Why you should care:

Whether you’re a rookie or veteran team, this powerpoint is full of great advice on improving your judging presentation.

We also get a lot of practice with judging each other.

Keep in mind, these are just the highlights of our resources. We’ll go more in depth on some of the others in the coming weeks, and you can check out the rest of them here.

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