STEM Advocacy, part 1


In honor of our new STEM Advocacy page, our next blog post consists of more details about the STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas, or SACOT. It’s the first of two about advocacy, this one with a focus solely on Texas. Our next one, featuring the founders of SACOT, will have more information about how teams from other states can set up similar organizations. Our writers today are Lizzy, our Marketing Lead, and Paige, a member of Hardware and Marketing. They both attended the SACOT Founder’s Conference back in October.

1. What exactly is SACOT?

SACOT stands for STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas. It's an organization of high school students using their voice and opinions in an attempt to raise awareness of the importance accessibility of STEM education all across Texas to state representatives and senators. Basically, we get involved in our local state government - it's a lot easier than you think! -Paige

2. Why should I care?

Shockingly enough, only 15% of students in America that have access to computer science and other STEM education. These opportunities we often take for granted are what has gotten us into robotics, allowed us to form great teams, and - for most of us - will play a part in our career. They have forever changed our lives and most kids have no access to them. This is our chance to change that. -Paige

Data taken from The STEM Education Coalition
3. OK but there's no way I can make it to the capital. Can I still get involved?

Absolutely! We want anyone and everyone to get involved in any way they can, if you can’t come to the conferences that’s ok, Texas is a big state we’re not asking you to drive 7 hours if you don’t want to. We have polls online you can fill out so we can provide more information and more accurate information in our meetings with representatives and senators. Even simply being a SACOT member means you’re part of that big number of supporters we can cite and use to back up how important our mission is. -Paige

A poll taken from the SACOT website, great for showing to legislators.
4. I live outside of Texas. Is there anything I can do?

Of course there is! We’ve worked with the SACOT founders to offer complete resources to get your own SACOT started in your state. This includes information packets on what you organization will be about, how you can start it, and how to make a difference. We even offer “easy write” letters that you can basically print and send off to your senator immediately! Additionally, we’ll have a whole other post dedicated just to setting up similar organizations in your home state. -Lizzy

5. How much of a difference are we really making?

A huge one! Believe it or not, just by making a phone call to your senator or congressman makes a huge difference. If it's important enough to you that you write a letter or call them about it, then it becomes important to them. Plus, your actions have a ripple effect in your community, and your actions can lead to the creation of whole new legislature. -Lizzy

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